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College Bound is ready for the NEW SAT coming in March 2016! Are you?

College Bound has been preparing students for the SAT since 1958, no other test preparation service in the country can make this claim. We have seen the SAT change three times since the SAT debuted in the 1926. The change in March of 2016, will be the fourth change and we are ready for it again.

Each time the SAT changes parents and students panic, and anxiety levels increase.

Should my child take the current version of the SAT?
Should my child take the ACT?
Should my child wait and take only the NEW SAT?
Should my child take both the current version of the SAT and the NEW SAT?
Should my child opt out of the essay?

Remember the test is new, so there is no magic answer. Preparing thousands and thousands of students since 1958 does help though. Each student is different in the process and should be treated as such. Each student has different strengths and weaknesses that play into the process. An evaluation and consultation is the only way to assess your child’s academic background.

Do not listen to blanket statements:
“Just take the ACT, it’s easier.”
“Just take the NEW SAT, it will be easier.”
“Take the current version of the SAT; colleges have been using it since 2005 to accept students.”

These statements, as well as, other generalizations, just create more anxiety. Please call College Bound to discuss your child’s situation and lay out the foundation for an educated approach to taking the NEW PSAT/NEW SAT/ or ACT/ in 2016.


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